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Caring and Healing with a touch of luxury.

We are dedicated to deliver high quality health care in a serene atmosphere. Our goal is to make our patients feel better today and healthier tomorrow. We strive to providing the highest quality of medical care. We strive to constantly improve the quality of patient care, ensuring complete compliance with the highest values and ethics of medical treatments.

When the need brings you through our doors, you will find great comfort in our luxury and serene environment, featuring elite services, experienced specialized doctors and medical staff, and state-of-the-art diagnostic, treatments technologies and imaging devices. Our doctors,, share a common philosophy — they encourage a healthy lifestyle in their patients.




We aspire to provide our exceptional, compassionate medical care experience, in a luxury and serene atmosphere; for healthier life style of our communities.


We are committed to the improvement of our communities’ healthy life style. In recognition of this commitment, we will strive to deliver high quality healthcare services to enrich lives of people we serve.

Plastic Surgery:

Under the supervision of Dr Khalid Nasser Al hamadani:

 Discover the shape you've always wanted; our rule is "less is more" applies in cosmetic surgery. Plastic surgery is a surgical specialty dedicated to reconstruction of facial and body defects due to birth disorders, trauma, burns, and disease. Plastic surgery is intended to correct dysfunctional areas of the body and is reconstructive in nature.

The scope of cosmetic surgery procedures includes:

-Reduction of suction from different parts of the body

- Tummy  tuck and skin flattening operations

- Chest size and chest tightening operations.

-Male  gynecomastia  removal  operations.

-Tightening exercises in the abdomen, thigh and arms.

-Eyelid lifting and neck aspiration

Dermatology and Laser Treatment :

Under the supervision of Dr Rabaa Al Hasan:

Our Dermatology and Laser treatment department, provides a premium skin care and other dermatology services, and its unique concept of approaching the patient who always feels in comfortable and secure environment. Emphasis is placed on the individual and personal care patients receive, keeping them always at the center of attention. Certainly, complete discretion is ensured.

 At our state-of-the-art treatments rooms, all instruments and equipment are carefully selected from the best systems and brands in the world to guarantee best treatment methods......................... is an important player in the worldwide laser technology market 

Some of Our Services:

-Treating all skin, hair and nails diseases.

-Cosmetic procedures (filler injection - Botox - facial and hair plasma)

-Mesotherapy for Hair and Face - Dermaplan)

-Dissolve grease by miso-dermapen-derma-roller.

-Supplying lips with miso and laser.

-Chemical peels.

-Laser treatment

-Stretch the face and neck with strings, eyelids, nose and lips

-Treatment of hyperhidrosis with botox injection

-Acne Treatment

-Treating warts

-Treating pigmentation and scarring -

-Treating melisma

Nutrition department:

 Under the supervision of Dr Fadwa Medyouni :

To reach the best healthy and integrated nutritional care, we offer you a detailed analysis of the body structure to know the components of the body from muscles, fats and internal fats, places of distribution of body fat and tests to know the sensitivity of the individual to certain types of food by specialized devices to determine the nutritional problem and build the nutritional plan according to each person’s need.

Providing healthy meals prepared according to the medical condition of patients to enhance their healthy lifestyle, in addition to healthy meals for weight management, healthy meals for pregnant and breastfeeding women, and healthy athletes ’meals. These meals are prepared with fresh ingredients and under the supervision of a nutritionist, and then delivered directly to your home or place You work daily on the basis of your subscription period.

Women in the Nutrition Department have a special interest in providing healthy and balanced diet instructions for them during pregnancy and lactation, especially for women who suffer from gestational diabetes, in addition to providing a special program for health and fitness to meet the aspirations of every woman to enjoy a healthy body and a consistency, and the section is also concerned with achieving the requirements of athletes to obtain On their own thoughtful food plans.

Our dietitian also helps you make appropriate dietary choices for the following conditions:

-Diabetics                                                                                               .

-Patients with high blood pressure and cholesterol.

-Cardiovascular diseases and heart health.

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