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Dr. Khaled Al Sheikh Ali Medical Center (DKMC) established in 2015 in Medina Khalifa North, Doha, State of Qatar. The organization took off as managing several entities from various Medical fields such chest & Respiratory, Urology, Pediatric, Internal Medicine Diseases.

By laying a strong foundation over the State of Qatar through pillars of experience, professionalism and efficacy, we gain a reputation in providing only quality medical services also having strong follow-up of our patients.

Dr. Khaled Alsheikh Ali, Holding German Board Certification and Fellowship in Respiratory System Diseases takes initiates to join hands to provide the most efficient and effective health care to our patients in State of Qatar.

Dr. Khaled Alsheikh Ali since 2001 used to work on his own private clinic as a Chest & Respiratory Diseases in Alsad, Doha – Qatar.
In May, 2015 Dr. Khaled Alsheikh Ali Medical Center (DKMC) opened and start servicing patients with other clinics.

After hard work of the years the dream came to reality in shape of Dr. Khaled Alsheikh Ali Medical Center (DKMC).


Chest & Respiratory Diseases Clinic

Under the supervision of Dr. Khalid Sheikh Ali Consultant in Chest and Respiratory Diseases, holder of German Board of Chest Diseases, Asthma and Respiratory Tract 

The Chest and Respiratory Diseases Clinic offers the following services:

Diagnosing and Treatment of Pneumonia: Detecting all types of bronchial and bronchial infections (bacterial, viral and atopic), as well as provide accurate treatment that is specific to individual patient needs.]

Diagnosing and treatment of Asthma and Bronchitis: early detection of Asthma in all its forms enables patients to minimize future aggravation of this illness. The clinic in this sense offers:

  • Accurately monitoring and treating the development of asthma in patients ensures patients begin a path of recovery at earlier stages of this illness

  • By diagnosing and treating children who suffer from Asthmatic symptoms at an early age prevents the disease from worsening and aids in healing the child within a shorter time period. The clinic also conducts testing to diagnose and treat all forms of bronchial allergies depending on specific patient needs.


Diagnosing and Treatment of Pulmonary Tuberculosis: early detection of pulmonary tuberculosis enables patients to a speedy recovery. The clinic provides comprehensive medical, laboratory and imaging testing as well as necessary advice to avoid future infection.

Diagnosing and follow-up of Chronic Bronchitis (COPD): by detecting and diagnosing chronic bronchitis through a comprehensive treatment plan, patients avoid progression into serious lung disease. 

Diagnosing and Treatment of Pulmonary Tissue Diseases: which present in the pulmonary tissue as Sarcoid – Pulmonary Fibrosis – Bronchiectasis). The Clinic provides guidance and follow up to all patients catered to their specific requirements.

Diagnosis of Lung Tumors: Through advanced medical screening the clinic provides detection and identification of lung and bronchial tumors in all types (benign or malignant) as well as disease stages.

Evaluation of Lung and Respiratory Functions: the clinic conducts comprehensive assessment of lung functions with the latest equipment, which helps identify the stages and types of all pulmonary diseases, and provide patients with the necessary information to determine the appropriate treatment. The lung function test also provides indication to the health and quality of each patient as well as respiratory tract.

Sensitivity and atopy tests:  We carry out accurate tests of bronchial sensitivity, which reveals accurate information on the factors that cause allergies to each individual patient and also useful in detecting and determining the level of sensitivity in the body of each patient, which benefits the patient to identify the factors that cause the specific allergies .

Smoking Cessation Program: detailed examination of patients reveal the level of nicotine currently is within their systems. The clinic provides a smoking cessation program that allows patients to quit smoking permanently through the IQS system, which works by inducing receptors that help to end the desire for smoking painlessly, in addition to providing effective nutrition advice to each patient aiding them in the permanent abstinence from smoking.

Pediatric Clinic

The Pediatric and Neonatal Clinic offers the following services:

Diagnosing and Treatment of Respiratory and Lung Diseases: including the diagnosis of asthma and allergies in children, and infections of bacterial and viral bronchitis and bronchiolitis that affect children during the winter. Effective treatment of cases of angina and laryngitis causing hoarseness – acute lung infections (pneumonia). Treatment and follow-up in accordance with the latest therapeutic protocols .

Monitoring Child Growth and Development (both cognitive and physical): the clinic offers well-baby routine services as well as detecting and diagnosing developmental disorders; lack of healthy weight gain whilst also providing a catered medical treatment plan for children. Detecting and combating childhood obesity as early as possible to ensure healthy lifestyles of our future generations.

Urology Clinic

The Urology Clinic offers the following services:

Diagnosing and Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction: may be caused by many reasons, some of which could pertain to the nervous system, psychological conditions and diabetes. Sexual problems include ejaculation disorders such as premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation and recurrent ejaculation.

Diagnosing and Treatment of male infertility: One of the main causes of male infertility lies with the testicular gland and/or the pituitary gland, varicose veins which could appear spermatic cord, resulting in overheating of the testes thus affect sperm production. By using imaging technology and a comprehensive medical exam, these cases are diagnosed, and can be treated with a detailed medical plan.

Diagnosing and Treatment of Sexually Transmitted Diseases and/or Infections (STDs/STIs): a comprehensive medical examination including extensive laboratory works can identify STDs/STIs such as gonorrhea, chlamydia and herpes. The clinic provides a thorough medical treatment plan customized for each patient needs.

Diagnosing and Treatment of Prostate-related Issues: including 

  • Acute and chronic prostatitis, which most often occurs between the ages of 20 and 45 years of age, and is usually caused by prolonged sitting and transmission of germs from the urethra to the prostate and needs long-term treatment.

  • Enlarged Prostate:  is the most common problem facing men over 50 and may be due to hormonal imbalances. However, annual checkups are highly recommended to ensure that the enlarged prostates do not develop into more serious cases such as malignant tumors, 

Diagnosing and Treatment of Urinary Tract Stones: these stones may lie in the Kidneys, Ureter or the Bladder. They can occur with both men and women, and the occurrence of stones is more likely in patients who live in hot climates due to excessive sweating, high animal protein intake, lack of hydration (drinking water), or lack of physical activity. Stones are diagnosed through imaging and a comprehensive treatment plan is provided to each patient needs. 

Treatment of Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs): such as acute and chronic pyelonephritis and bladder infections. Treatment includes hydration, antibiotics as prescribed by medical team and increased personal hygiene.  

Diagnosis of Urinary and Reproductive Abnormalities in both Children and Adults: such abnormalities present in different ways such as absence of a kidney or fusion of the kidney,  ascites (enlargement) of the kidney or ureter and ureteral cystic islands. Cases are diagnosed through ultrasound imaging. The clinic recommends that all newborns are brought in shortly after birth to check aforesaid abnormalities.

Diagnosing and Treatment of Abnormalities and Diseases such as: 

    • Testicular Tumors: which are manifested by testicular pain, swelling and fever.

    • Acute and chronic testicular and epididymitis: usually manifests itself in swelling and pain in the testes.

Treatment of Testicular Issues that Appear in Children: the following cases may be present with boys:

  • Testicular Torsion: most commonly occurs in teenage boys, shortly after puberty. Newborn babies and younger children sometimes develop this problem. It presents suddenly and painful in the testes, and requires emergency surgical intervention to prevent permanent damage.

  • Retractile testicle: For most boys, the problem of a retractile testicle goes away sometime before or during puberty. The testicle moves to its correct location in the scrotum and stays there permanently. Sometimes the retractile testicle remains in the groin and is no longer movable. When this happens, the condition is called an ascending testicle or an acquired undescended testicle. Through medical intervention it may be corrected.

  • Inguinal Hernia: occurs when tissue, such as part of the intestine, protrudes through a weak spot in the abdominal muscles. The resulting bulge can be painful, especially when coughing, bending or lifting, Sometimes the hernia will be visible only when an infant is crying, coughing or straining during a bowel movement. He or she might be irritable and have less appetite than usual. o Hydrocele around the testicle: pretends to be a large testicle.

  • Treatment of Nocturnal Urinary Incontinence: or bedwetting in children is the loss of full control of urination, although normal to most extents, complete medical and laboratory examination to eliminate the less common organic causes including infection, anatomic abnormalities, neurologic abnormalities, and endocrine abnormalities such as diabetes mellitus.

Internal Medicine Clinic

The Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology Clinic offers the following services:

    • Treatment for Heart Disease and High Arterial Tension (Hypertension): by monitoring the arterial pressure in addition to electrocardiography, diagnosis and treatment of diseases through appropriate medical intervention.

    • Detection and treatment for High Cholesterol: the clinic carries out a complete set of medical tests necessary to diagnose and treat cases of high cholesterol and lipids accurately and provide the patient with a comprehensive treatment plan to reduce cholesterol and harmful lipids to the body through medications and healthy lifestyle advice maintain a healthy body.

    • Diagnosing Diabetes and follow-up (Both Type I & II): by providing patients with the necessary medical and laboratory tests, full medical examination and a comprehensive plan to monitor and control the illness.

Dental Clinic

The clinic offers various dental treatments including:

Dental and Oral Surgical Treatments: which include extraction of the molars, wisdom teeth, impacted teeth and the removal of root lesions, and the exposure of canine teeth with the latest surgical techniques.

Cosmetic Treatments: using the latest techniques, including Veneers and Luminaire. Patients will enjoy a bright smile without replacing teeth and painlessly. Such treatments require patients to schedule two sessions, one for clinical measurements and color matching and the next for installation of the veneers. These sessions may be spaced across a single week.

Dermatologist Clinic

The Dermatology Clinic provides treatment for all skin, hair and nail ailments such as:

Treatment of acute and chronic allergic reactions (urticarial or hives): Urticaria is a form of physical reaction, which occurs as a result of injury, ingestion or inhalation of an allergenic substance or subjugation to psychological pressure, this allergic reaction (urticaria) begins with a bout of itching, followed by The emergence of red dots with sharp edges that join with each other to form large plaques, and can last from minutes to hours. The clinic provides comprehensive testing to determine the causes of these allergies 

Eczema Treatment: Eczema is a form of chronic dermatitis that appears in the form of skin redness, itching, small blisters and peeling. Eczema is most commonly seen on the hands, feet soles, backs of the knee, face, ankles, elbows, neck and upper chest. One of the main reasons may be contact with allergens – exposure to dehydration – stress – eating sensitized foods. Eczema affects any age but is more common in children.

Diagnosing and Treatment of Skin Infections: bacterial, fungal and viral for each case such as boils, abscesses, diabetic ulcers, herpes – rosacea – acne in all forms. Comprehensive treatment plans are determined for each case.

Diagnosing and Treatment of pigmentation disorders: These are pigmented spots in the skin.  Melasma appears in different places, such as the face, neck and chest, especially after exposure to sunlight or a result of excessive use of perfumes and creams causing allergies, and may be due to other factors such as insect bites or bruises or hormonal disorders during pregnancy and/or breastfeeding, these patches are harmless and are simple to remove once a comprehensive skin care regiment is prescribed by the Specialist.

Orthopedic Clinic

The Orthopedic Clinic offers the following services:

Full and comprehensive examination of the musculoskeletal system

Evaluation and treatment of spinal diseases through neurological, muscular and bone examination, in relation to the spine, through radiological study

Diagnosing and Treatment of Spinal Ailments such as: 

    • Symptoms associated with pain and numbness in the upper and lower limbs

    • Degenerative diseases of the vertebrae that lead to narrowing of the spinal canal

    • Muscle spasm and rupture of the ligaments of the vertebrae which are  leading causes of back pain

    • Neck ailments, which has become one of the most common complaints in the modern era due to office and desk related work.

ENT Clinic

The ENT Clinic offers the following services:

Diagnosing and Treatment of Hearing Loss: Hearing loss varies depending on the underlying cause, age of the disease, and the affected part of the ear (external, middle, inner and nerve ear). Causes range from the simplest causes range from:

  • waxing of the ear canal, 

  • infections such as otitis media, 

  • hardness of the ossicles, 

  • congenital causes, 

  • elderly hearing loss, 

  • tumors that pressure the nerve and the list goes on.

Accurate diagnosis is the cornerstone for treating hearing problems and depends on the examination of the ear, which is recommended to be conducted using a microscope or microscope ear otoscope rigid otoscope.

  • Hearing tests are very important for the diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss. An impedance meter is used to measure movement of the drum membrane and pressure within the middle ear and helps in detecting any loss of work of the Eustachian tube. It can also detect the presence of effusion in the middle ear, which is very common in children.

  • A pure tone audiogram determines the degree of hearing loss in each ear, and also determines which part of the ear is responsible for said hearing loss

  • Speech audiogram determines the degree to which hearing loss affects the reception and understanding of speech, and is an important examination for patients with hearing loss, or when prescribing hearing aids.



AT DKMC, we take pride in our state-of-the-art laboratory department which is equipped with the latest technology and staffed with knowledgeable, board-certified technicians and pathologists, allowing us to provide a comprehensive list of lab services. 

DKMC Laboratory has a broad portfolio with more than 1000 different tests across multiple disease states and including around 200 high specialty lag tests.


Dr. Khalid Sheikh Ali Medical Center provides high quality services for the diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions and motor disorders resulting from illness, surgery, accidents or pregnancy and childbirth. Physical therapy aims mitigate and correct the effects of injury, disease, and rehabilitation of the injured using various physical means and therapeutic exercises.

Common conditions in which physiotherapy helps are:

Back, neck and shoulder pain, Sports injuries, Rehabilitation after surgery, Rehabilitation after a nervous system diseases such as paraplegia, Problems caused by multiple sclerosis, Movement difficulties in Parkinson's disease, Rehabilitation after a heart attack, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and Cystic fibrosis.

The Physiotherapy department offers the following therapeutic methods:

 Advice and education

 Movement: through training to practice certain movements or exercises, with the aim of improving health, for example, strengthening certain muscles after injury or increasing mobility.

 Manual therapy: The physiotherapist uses hands to massage body tissues, which can help relieve pain, improve blood circulation, improve the movement of parts of the body, and relax.

 The use of medical devices such as Shock Wave or Ultrasound or Thermal energy through an integrated treatment plan, specifically for each patient requirements.


At DKMC Pharmacy, we pride ourselves on reliability and dependability when it comes to the health, beauty and medical needs of our patients. Our pharmacists in store are always ready to assist you based on your situation and requirements.

The DKMC Pharmacy team is passionate about bringing you the best wellness products available. We constantly strive to discover top-quality products, keep up to date with latest research and advancements in technology to ensure you get the best possible products and advice to start or maintain your heath journey and treatment.


The Department of Radiology at Dr. Khalid Al-Sheikh Ali Medical Center has the latest systems and devices in clinical radiology to ensure the best services. Through digital imaging the center provides:

Dental Panorama
For various dental procedures, it helps to plan the full dental implants and orthodontic treatment before starting.

General Radiology
A digital radiography device is available for different body parts.

Ultrasound imaging :
• Gallbladder and gallbladder imaging to detect gallstones or tumors.
• Liver, kidneys and internal organs.
• Fetus to diagnose problems early.
• Dislocation of the birth (evolutionary joint dislocation) without the need to expose your child to
radiation (from the age of 6 weeks) to facilitate corrective early.
• Neck arteries.
• Thyroid and salivary glands.
• Renal arteriography.
• Arteries and veins of the limbs.
• Breast.
• Bladder and prostate.
• Uterus and ovaries.
• Testicular.


Being beautiful is what we help you to always be. Our extensive expertise of world class treatments promise to turn around your life and the life of your beloved ones and celebrate the new look and confidence.

Be it skin care, hair rejuvenation or even getting rid of pesky beauty issues, our team of highly qualified experts can change the way the world looks at you.

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