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The Marble Medical Center was established to provide excellence in Medical services experience for the existing and the generation of Qatar citizens and increase access to comprehensive dental care and its importance in our life and the life of a regular citizen.

As a world-class clinic, our services are provided by highly skilled and graduated dentists trained and supervised by the most expert recognized University professors.

At the Marble Medical Center we have access to the latest equipment and technology, which allows us to provide the highest standard of service and convenience. As one of the most innovative dental clinics in Qatar we are unique in our ability to offer comprehensive general dentistry services, as well as services in most of specialty areas in one location.

Our mission is to provide world-class Medical services to our patients along with providing high quality, affordable dental care to every and each citizen in the State of Qatar. We aim to be a world-class Medical clinic and strive for continuous innovation and excellence in the world of dentistry.

Marble Medical Center Services

2016 has witnessed the establishment of Marble Medical Center, only specialized in Dental clinical experiences and medical services. Backed by the most recognized, experienced and professional university professors and doctors, we were able to expand our domain of services to add the dermatology clinic to our center. Serving you with the highest quality and dedication will always be our mission.

Proud to provide the following Medical services

Dental Department
Oral and Maxillo-Facial surgery TMJ Disorders Surgical removal of impacted wisdoms Treatment...

1. Oral and Maxillo-Facial surgery

 TMJ Disorders

 Surgical removal of impacted wisdoms

 Treatment of gummy smile

 Sinus Augmentation

2. Dental implants


 Metal fixed Orthodontic treatment
 Ceramic Fixed orthodontic treatment
 Invisible aligners/ Invisalign
 Removable orthodontic treatment
 Paediatric orthodontic treatment
 Lingual orthodontic treatment

4.Endodontic treatment /Root Canal Treatment

5. Cosmetic /aesthetic dentistry

 Hollywood Smile/Veneers
 Advanced power zoom
 Home Bleaching Tray
 Gingival depigmentation
 Scaling and polishing of teeth
 Cosmetic Fillings
 Crown and Bridge
 Removable Dentures

6.Paediatric Dental Treatment

 Fillings
 Pulpotomy/pulpectomy
 Extraction
 Preventive Treatments
 Paediatric orthodontic
 Fluoride application

Laser & Beauty
Laser & Beauty Tattoo and Freckles Removal Telangiectasia Botox and Filler Laser...

Tattoo and Freckles Removal
 Telangiectasia
 Botox and Filler
 Laser Hair Removal
 Treatment of dark circles around the eye area

Face Care
We are specialize in a number of facial procedures that will address the specific area you want to improve, in addition to reverse the signs of aging
 Thermage skin tightening & Contouring
 Laser Resurfacing
 Nose Reshaping (Nose job or Rhinoplasty)
 Neck lift
 Microdermabrasion
 Laser Skin Rejuvenation
 Lser Face and chin Lift HIFU
 Hydrafacial
 Fraxel Laser
 Filler & Botox
 Chin Reshaping (Augmentation)
 Chemical Peels
 Cheek Augmentation ( Implants)
 Brow Lift (Forehead Lift)
 Spectra Laser for Skin rejuvenation
 Ulthera full face and neck lifting
 Lip Rejuvenantion
 PDO Threads for face and neck lifting

Facial Spa
 HydraFacial
 Laser resurfacing
 Micro-Dermabrasion
 Chemical –dermabrasion (for Treatment of Melasma)
 Deep Facial

 Hair Care
 Get a natural look by :
 Mesotherapy Injection
 PRP Plasma rich platelet injection
We apply special protocol to increase the growth of hair naturally

Complete Therapeutic protocol for allergy including Immunotherapy Warts, Alopecia and skin Benign...

Complete Therapeutic protocol for allergy including Immunotherapy
 Warts, Alopecia and skin Benign Tumors
 Skin Fungal infections
 Melasma
 Hair loss
 Acne scars


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