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VLCC International Qatar Guided by the vision of “Transforming Lives”, VLCC International Qatar  seeks to urge self transformation, spread happiness and imbibe every individual with wellness for life. These three mantras have been the pillars of strength for the Company since it was founded by Mrs. Vandana Luthra in 1989. Till date they remain the firm foundation upon which the company continues to build its success story.
By redefining wellness, VLCC International Qatar has revolutionized the wellness industry to acquire the status of being the Number 1 Wellness Brand across South Asia, South East Asia and the Middle East, with a presence of VLCC International Qatar  in over 300 locations across 121 cities and 16 countries with direct company managed operations in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Malaysia, Singapore, UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait.
VLCC International Qatar is widely recognized for its scientific weight loss solutions and its therapeutic approach to beauty treatments. With a staff strength of nearly 6000, over two-third of whom are experienced specialists including medical doctors, nutritionists, psychologists, cosmetologists and physiotherapists and having served over 10 million customers since its inception, VLCC International Qatar  is the largest and most-preferred brand in the Wellness domain in the countries it operates in.

VLCC International Qatar Services

Weight Managment 

  • Waist and Tummy Trim Treatment
    A Waist Circumference of > 80 cm in females and > 90 cm in males should be considered a warning signal to avoid further weight gain and shed a few inches from this particular area in order to lead a healthy life.
    WTT specially targets those Overweight/Obese clients who have a high Waist Circumference. This therapy makes use of the globally accepted procedure of Ultrasonic Induction, which begins with the use of a Waist & Tummy Trimming Gel, followed by a massage with a Body Firmer for optimum results.
  • Arm Hip Thigh Treatment
    The accumulation of fat on various parts of the body has varying impacts. For example, fat build up around the waist can give rise to several metabolic disorders, fat accumulation on the thighs overburdens the knees leading to osteo-arthritis, while excessive fat on the arms leads to a decreased range of motion and flexibility. The determination of the upper arm’s circumference serves as a routine measure preceding BP evaluation in hypertensive women. Wider hips beyond the ideal waist-hip ratio may lead to a bad posture, burden on the lower limbs and cosmetic discomfort.
  • Cellulite Control Therapies
    The cellulite control therapies help tone the muscles during weight loss. The anti-cellulite oils, gels, creams and packs are used on specific areas or the entire body as per the individual’s needs. Massages are administered by therapists to specific areas in order to stimulate the pressure points, which help strengthen the connective tissue, eliminate toxins and shape the adipose tissue. These therapies also help detoxify the body and revive the metabolic process, which gives you healthy and glowing skin.
  • Body Firming
    During weight loss the subcutaneous fat trapped between the skin and the muscles is lost, which creates a gap between the two. This makes the skin appear loose and saggy, which has to be tightened in order to give it a firmer and younger look. The body firming treatment proves to be quite useful in such a scenario. It is done using special appliances that help in the firming and tightening of the skin over the arms, legs, thighs, stomach, face and buttocks area, thereby promoting an individual’s overall aesthetic look and boosting confidence.
  • Bio Energy Therapy
    The bio energy therapy, as its name suggests, uses the energy of natural elements for healing. Under this treatment, hot volcanic rocks are placed at strategic locations on the body, which are then used for a massage that improves blood circulation, removes energy blockages, reduces blood pressure and enhances the metabolism rate to also help in the reduction of water retention. These combined effects shall help you achieve utmost relaxation which would in turn improve your wellness quotient.
  • Analgesic therapy for localized regions
    The analgesic therapy is a specialized therapy from VLCC for pain relief. It is exceptionally useful for those suffering from joint disorders, as it helps motivate them to achieve an active lifestyle that eventually leads to weight loss. It is an amalgamation of heat therapy, TENS currents, interferential therapy and ultrasonic treatment.
  • Neuro Muscular Therapy
    This therapy works on the simple principle of applying static pressure by hand to specific points in order to relieve pain. Injury, trauma, postural distortion or stress can cause the nerves to speed up transmission, thereby hindering the equilibrium and making the body vulnerable to pain and dysfunction. Besides aiding relaxation in the entire body and improving flexibility, in VLCC International Qatar this technique works on the soft tissues of the body (muscles, tendons and connective tissue) in order to balance the central nervous system.
  • Integrative Massage Therapy
    The Integrative Massage Therapy (IMT) utilizes the benefits of massage and muscle stimulation using a mechanical G5 massager. The G5 massager head is pressured into a gyratory motion for a deep and thorough massage.
    in VLCC International Qatar The benefits of the integrative massage therapy include toning and tightening of the body, improved flexibility, reduced fatigue and an improved skin tone.


In VLCC International Qatar Escape the confines of time and immerse yourself in one of our perfectly packaged Ayurvedic journeys for relaxation of the mind, body and soul. Massages therapies applied with skill and care work on both the physical and psychological levels to invigorate, relax and ease pain or tension from stiff aching muscles, boost circulation and alleviate mental stress, soothing the soul and fostering balance and serenity.

Beauty Managment 

In VLCC International Qatar Radiant beauty is what emanates from a fit and healthy body. Our programmes not only work towards enhancing your beauty momentarily, but aim to equip you with wellness for life. Under our holistic approach, we care for your body, mind, and spirit. To achieve a state of holistic wellbeing for you, our professionals look at the bigger picture and analyze how different elements interact with each other before suggesting a particular programme. Therefore, we offer cosmetological, dermatological, nutritional and medical consultations free with every programme in order to understand the underlying causes and correct them with lasting results. So when you walk in for a skin/hair concern, our doctor/beauty head and nutritionist/dietician also confer with you besides the appointed professional.

Hair Care
In VLCC International Qatar The health of your hair and scalp can speak volumes about your internal balance. Factors like genetics, excessive use of chemicals, illness, weather changes and poor circulation are the major causes behind issues like hair fall, dandruff and damaged hair. Other factors like pollution, stress and an erratic lifestyle not only create havoc with the delicate internal balance of your body but also further contribute to aggravating these conditions.

  • Clear Defense treatment
    Suitable for all hair types, the clear defense treatment is your ayurvedic solution against dandruff. The therapy provides necessary nourishment and cleansing to the scalp through a revitalizing ozone treatment that uses non-greasy hair tonics.
  • Keratin treatment
    Keratin happens to be the life force behind hair growth. One of the reasons for rapid hair fall can be low levels of keratin. During therapy hair oils enriched with natural keratin are applied to the scalp and roots to make them stronger and thereby reduce hair fall.
  • Hydra hair
    Dry hair and hair damaged due to the use of excessive styling products or chemicals are generally weak, limp, lack luster and are unmanageable. Hydra hair therapy provides the hair and scalp with the essential as a result of which shine is restores and hair become smooth and easily manageable.
  • Head massage
    A stimulating head massage is a vital element of any hair care routine. While a healthy diet and nourishing therapies at regular intervals are essential to maintain the health of your tresses, a head massage encompasses multiple benefits. Along with improving overall circulation in the scalp, a head massage ensures that the vitamins and minerals in the oil seep into the hair follicle and provide nourishment inside out. At VLCC, we offer you the flexibility to choose an oil of your own or simply sit back and relax as our professionals choose an oil best suited for your hair type and massage away your stress for a complete wellness experience.

Skin Care

In VLCC International Qatar We believe it's never too late or too early to begin taking care of your skin. Our cosmetological solutions have been developed keeping in mind the general needs of your skin as well as the various problems that could possibly affect it.in VLCC International Qatar You could either pick a treatment that appeals to you the most or ask our skin expert to suggest any after examining your skin type and identifying your particular requirement. Either way, it is our aim to help restore and promote the wellness of your skin and spirit.

Anti – Ageing Treatments

    With the progression of age, our skin tends to lose its elasticity due to the decreasing levels of collagen. The VLCC Face Firming Treatment uses plant hormones and extracts in order to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, thereby giving you unmatched firmness, elasticity and contour. in VLCC International Qatar The treatment is especially helpful in rejuvenating ageing skin by restoring its suppleness.
    We have always heard that prevention is better than cure. And the same holds true for skin care as well. The VLCC Cryogenic 4-Layered Treatment is a preventative and restorative age defying treatment that nourishes your skin with anti-oxidants and vitamins. in VLCC International Qatar The treatment is an oxygenating layered facial that helps your skin combat the harsh effects of city life along with boosting the renewal process of your skin.
    One of the biggest worries that accompany ageing skin is – sagging. The Energy Morpho Lift is a powerful non-surgical treatment that instantly lifts up your skin by stimulating the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers and restructuring your facial skin. This lift helps tighten the skin while nourishing it, which leaves you with youthful, tighter skin.
    One of the biggest factors behind the early ageing of skin is the effect of UV rays. While you cannot always avoid going out into the sun, you can reverse its harmful effects with the Meso-Vit treatment. in VLCC International Qatar This therapy helps in the regulation of keratin along with healing, repairing and reducing the harmful effects of UV rays on the dermis, so that you feel absolutely comfortable walking out anytime of the day.
    While ageing gracefully is everybody’s objective, it can never be vain to keep your skin healthy. The Botu-VIP treatment not only aims at reducing wrinkles but also helps stabilize the moisture content or your skin as its ingredients neutralize micro-contractions, thereby filling surface wrinkles. The treatment reduces the depth of wrinkles as it relaxes the features, while infusing your skin with essential nutrients.
    The primary give-away of aged skin is that it develops wrinkles and loses elasticity. Supreme DHE-Age works miraculously as it replenishes the DHEA (youth hormone) in the skin, thereby reviving the skin renewal process. in VLCC International Qatar The results of this phenomenal treatment are firmer, toned skin with reduced lines and wrinkles, so you can boast of the confidence of youth at any age.

Pigmentation and Tan Removal Treatments

    While pancake make-up is a thing of the past and a more natural look is in, what you may wonder is how to hide flaws such as freckles or an uneven skin tone. The Glycea Treatment, which combines licorice, spirulina and aromatic compounds, not only helps fade freckles, but also lighten and even out the skin tone. in VLCC International Qatar The treatment aims to reduce pigmentation so that you flaunt healthier, naturally flawless skin.
    A high level of Melanin is the primary reason behind darker complexion. The Perfection White Treatment Expertise combines the synergies of two new clarifying complexes, Dermawhite and Albatine to combat the increase in melanin. in VLCC International Qatar This unique treatment helps to treat cutaneous pigmentation effectively so that you get visible results that last.

Skin Rejuvenation and Hydration

    Dry and dehydrated skin is neither flattering to look at nor healthy when left neglected. Your skin can lose moisture due to a wide number of reasons that can set it on the path of premature ageing. in VLCC International Qatar The Hydra Facial is a unique skin-hormone treatment that provides optimum protection to your skin against free radicals and damage caused by pollution. Along with re-hydrating and restoring the delicate balance of your skin, the Hydra Facial gives you the benefit of protection from the harshness of the sun.
    Fruits envelop within them the goodness of nature. The Fresh Fruit Facial nurtures your skin with the richness of nature. Suitable for any kind of skin type, especially sensitive skin that cannot tolerate chemicals; the fresh fruit facial gently exfoliates and helps revive dull skin. The facial, with its unique concoction of vitamins and minerals, improves the skin tone and leaves your skin feeling fresh and supple. The fruits used for the facial are chosen as per your skin type as well as the season.

Acne Treatments

    Pollution, stress, an irregular diet and erratic sleep patterns can reflect badly on the texture of your skin. Regular detoxification and purification of the skin is as important as detoxifying your body. in VLCC International Qatar The Skin Purifying Treatment is a germicidal and exfoliating therapy that helps manage acne and other skin infections by deeply cleansing the pores. in VLCC International Qatar The treatment reduces shine and restores balance to problematic or clogged skin by reducing excess sebum for a lasting effect.
    Novacid+ is a one of a kind treatment that involves the combination of 9 acids to give your skin a complete makeover. Exceptionally beneficial in the treatment of hyper pigmentation, acne scars and surface wrinkles,in VLCC International Qatar  the treatment accelerates the exfoliation process to remove dead cells and reveal fresh, rejuvenated skin.

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