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Education & Medical Qualifications

Doctor of cardiac clinic in Aljameel Medical Center in Doha / Qatar since 10 -03- 2013.

I have license of cardiology 6127 from supreme council of health.

- Three years working as resident in the cardiovascular medicine department in Syrian ministry of health hospital in Homs and Damascus since 2009 until now. I have good experience in Performing cardiac echo, stress test and cardiac catheterization for diagnosis and treatment.

- Four years working as a resident in the internal medicine department (high education studies) in Al Assad University Hospital and Al Mouassat University Hospital-Damascus-Syria-since 1st October 2002 till 30th September 2006.

- Resident Doctor in the ICU / CCU of the New Medical Center Hospital in Damascus since October 2005 until 02-2013.

- Experience in performing many procedures:

Thoracentesis, Paracentesis, Drawing CSF sample, Bone marrow aspiration, Bone biopsy.

Inserting central vein catheter and arterial line, temporary pace maker implantation.

Emergent Endotracheal Intubation, good experience in dealing with ventilators and weaning principles.

Effectively managing ER, internal clinic, medical floor inpatients, and emergencies in ICU/CCU.

Echo cardiography, Cardiac catheterization.

Licenses / Permits

Ministry of Health

Professional Memberships

- Syrian Medical association 2002.

- Syrian ministry of health 2002.

- Qatar Supreme Council Of Health ( Cardiology License 6127 ) 2013

-  Medical Diploma

[ 1996 – 2002 ] Faculty Of Medicine - Baath University – Homs - Syria ( The first graduate )

- Master degree in Internal medicine

[ 2002 – 2006 ] Damascus University

- Acknowledgement Of Achievement of The Examination Of The Arab Board Of Medical Specialization- Internal Medicine

2004 Primary writing exam

2006 Clinical Skills exam

2006 Final writing exam & Slides exam

- Specialization of cardiovascular medicine

2009 – 2012 Syrian ministry of health

Treatments and Clinic Services
Consultation Fees
  1. QR
Languages Spoken
  1. Arabic
  2. English
  1. Al Jameel Medical Center
  1. Ministry of Public Health in Qatar
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دكتور كويس ، لسه بتابع معاه
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I am very satisfied. The doctor was thorough and the customer service provided by the other staff was top notch
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Great! very thorough and engaged. Good answers to questions
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مركز نظيف الدكتور وكادر طبي ممتاز
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